Living to Serve

     In the remote town of Junction City, there resides a young man with the heart of a champion and the work ethic of a coal miner. If Sam Gonzales isn’t sitting through one of his four advanced placement classes, he can be found either planning a jam-packed pep assembly in honor of his school’s athletic and scholar stars, or coordinating his school district’s annual blood donation drive, or possibly even working on his next speech involving the latest agricultural issue in preparation for his district contest. By living a life that benefits those around him, Sam ultimately SERVES every minute of everyday, which is something the rest of us should do all we can to strive for. Everyday Sam embodies the real meaning of LIVING to SERVE.

     Serving can take place in many shapes and forms. As a member of the Sherwood FFA chapter, Antoinette Mauro, participates in different fundraisers, events, and services; but Antoinette sees the FFA as much more than just a social gathering. When asked what her favorite part of FFA is she replied, "I would have to say at the officer retreat when all the State Officers made us think about what was holding us back..." Antoinette and her teammates attended the Northwest District Leadership Camp where they were challenged to not hold back on their upcoming year as officers in their chapter. "Every moment in the FFA I have found us all as not only a professional organization, but as a family." Members across the state have pushed aside their difficulties and given it that one extra degree that's been necessary to accomplish their role as leaders.

     Mitch Salo from the Canby FFA Chapter, has taken the initiative to help out other members with their projects during the Oregon State Fair. He wasn’t asked, told or even hinted, but was willing to give up his valuable time before the show to help out another individual in the blue and gold. By taking the initiative to help others it has made Mitch a prime example of the principles that this organization strives upon.

Each of these members actions have helped display the characteristics that Oregon FFA members are Living to Serve.  FFA members thank you for taking in those few words of the FFA motto into action.